Symon Tokal- The RnB Prince   “Uko” by Avril Kenya  is a sensational RnB track that hit the Kenyan airwaves on 9th April 2017. The track got a lot of positive reactions and critics on YouTube! A very crisp and beautiful video accompanied by great audio production from the renowned Pacho Group award winning producer  CEDO   who’s the man behind the hit song “Mungu Pekee" by the versatile Kenyan rapper/singer   Nyashinski  . Uko by Avril talks about how the artist is fed up by his assailants and haters. Asking them “where are they?” They pretend to care about him yet they’re  the same people who are behind her downfall. Symon Tokal is an RnB artist. Specialized in this genre very well. Through the help of his talented Producer… Prod/Dj Tasla … he recorded a sensational cover song for Avril’s uko. Reason? The song touched him and his producer. The chemistry goes on well and the track successfully done! On a beautiful beat remake from Prod/Dj Tasla and the vocal prowess of Sym

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